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Academic Committee
  • Masayuki Murayama

    Research Field:Sociology of Law

    Position:Academic Advisor

    Institution:Meiji University School of Law

  • Lawrence M. Friedman

    Research Field:Law and Social Change, Legal Profession, Tort Law

    Position:Academic Advisor

    Institution:Stanford University School of Law

  • William Alford

    Research Field:Legal issues in Chinese law and its legal history

    Position:Academic Committee

    Institution:Harvard University

  • Antoine Uarapon

    Research Field:Comparative Judiciary, Legal Sociology

    Position:Academic Committee

    Institution:Law School, Sciences Po., Paris, France

  • Bai Jianjun

    Research Field:Criminology, Criminal Law

    Position:Academic Committee

    Institution:Peking University

  • Cai Kexin

    Research Field:Sociology of Law, Law and Social Change

    Position:Academic Committee

    Institution:National University of Singapore

  • Cao Shuji

    Research Field:Socioeconomic history, modern Chinese history

    Position:Academic Committee

    Institution:Shanghai Jiaotong University

  • Albert Hung-yee Chen

    Research Field:Constitutional Law Legal Theory ,Jurisprudence

    Position:Academic Committee

    Institution:Hong Kong university

  • David Trubek

    Research Field:Law and Development, Law and Society

    Position:Academic Committee

    Institution:University of Wisconsin

  • David Engel

    Research Field:Law, Culture and Society

    Position:Academic Committee

    Institution:State University of New York

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