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China Institute for Socio-Legal Studies, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (hereinafter "the Institute") is an interdisciplinary research institution for the purpose of the in-depth exploration of the relationship and interaction between law and society in the background of globalization, with a special focus on various legal matters in the social transformation of China.

Our Mission

Committed to becoming a world-renowned platform for law and society research, we take on the real questions and issues in the world and in China.  We endeavor to train both high-quality socio-legal researchers with the ability of reflexive rationality and creativeness and practitioners with expertise in various aspects of institutional innovation. We also aim at the promotion of the academic cooperation and communication both within China and internationally.

Research Objectives

Targeting on the fast development and transformation of China, and focusing on the research of governance in the risk society and the judicial reform, we do empirical studies on various legal phenomena, make institutional comparisons, and develop cultural interpretations of such phenomena.  We emphasize both on the accumulation of objective data, and on the abstract reasoning and construction of theoretical models.  Based on our research, we also endeavor to produce analytical reports as well as policy proposals to the legislative, judicial and administrative authorities.