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Guo Chunzhen

Professor of Law

Room 516, School of Law, Xiamen University


Courses taught

Professor Chunzhen Guo is teaching Law and Social Science and Theories of Human Rights for graduate students, Jurisprudence for JM students and the Introduction of Jurisprudence for undergraduate students.

Areas of expertise

His research field includes Law and Social Science, Human Rights and Law and Cognitive Neuroscience.

Research and publications

He is the author, singly or in collaboration, of 5 monographs and course books, including, The Legal Paternalism and the Limitation on Human Rights, The Protection of Positive Human Rights in Transitional Period of China, Jurisprudence, etc. He has issued more than twenty papers in important journals and has been cited for more than 200 times in important journals and books.

Below are his representative papers.

  1. Regulations on Internet Rumors in the Perspective of the Theory of Public Figures, Chinese Journal of Law, 2014,4 (Top 1 in law journals)
  2. The Realization of Rights and the Nudge from the Power, Chinese Journal of Law, 2014,1
  3. The Pragmatic Perspective of Rule of Law Should be Based on the Sub-certainty of Judgment, Chinese Journal of Law, 2012,6
  4. On Metaphor Application and Its Principle in Judicial Adjudication—Comment on Penumbras and Its Inspirations, Northern Legal Science, 2012,4.
  5. Rhetoric as Legal Pragmatism: Based on Active Jurisdiction in a Hard Case, Law and Social Development, 2012, 4.
  6. On the Relationship of the two kinds of Preference to Human Rights and China’s Preference to Positive Human Rights, Law Review,2012,2.
  7. On the Anti-Judicial-Review Advocates’ Democracy, Science of Law, 2012,2
  8. The "Being Captured" and "Escape" of Legislation: On the Influence of Social Science to Legislation from the View of Seat-Belt Law, Law and Social Development, 2010, 3.
  9. The Change of Person’s Image in the Law and the Function of the Human Rights Clause, Academic Monthly, 2011, 3.
  10. Substantive Freedom and Intercivilizational Human Rights, Nanking University Law Review, 2009, (autumn).
  11. What the other Dworkin Says, Hebei Law Science, 2007, 10.
  12. Application of Legal Paternalism in China (with Prof. Sun Xiaoxia), Social Science in China, 2006, 1. (Top 1 in social science and humanity journals)

His awards include the membership of Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University Supported by the Ministry of Education of China, Top 20 Excellent Post Doctors in Jilin Province, Third Prize from the Government of Fujian Province, Third Prize from the Law Society of China, Second Prize from the Law Society of Fujian Province, the Prize of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China of Xiamen University and the Prize of Zhang Yichun of Xiamen University.

He had been to the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois as a visiting scholar.