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“Artificial Intelligence and International Norms", an outcome of the Center for Governance and Legal Studies on Artificial Intelligence, will be published soon
2022-11-08 from:上海交通大学凯原法学院 preview:

The book Artificial Intelligence and InternationalNorms addresses the importance of international norms for the development of AItechnology and industry in a comprehensive and systematic manner from threeaspects: the security and ethical challenges caused by the development of AI technology,the rules already established by the international community for thedevelopment of AI, and the outlook for the future international order, aimingto show the future direction for the benign development of AI. The firstchapter of this book sheds light on the conventional and non-conventionalsecurity issues caused by the development of AI. The second chapter of the bookprovides an introduction to the ethical and social issues raised by AI. Thethird chapter provides an overview of the current development strategies,principles and rules, and governance structures of AI established by somecountries and international organizations around the world. The fourth chapterof the book provides an outlook on the ideal international order of AI, and particularlyemphasizes the importance of building a system of evaluation platforms. Thisbook can be used as a popular science book of academic nature for the generalpublic to understand the technical and social attributes of AI, and also as areference basis for relevant policy formulation.


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