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Huashan Road Sword Fight | "Na": 15 Papers Selected for Jiao Tong University Youth Workshop on Law and Interdisciplinarity
2023-08-03 from:上海交通大学中国法与社会研究院 preview:

Huashan Road Sword Fight | "Na": 15 Papers Selected for Jiao Tong University Youth Workshop on Law and Interdisciplinarity

As indicated in the Notice No. 2 issued on April 25th, the workshop decided to invite 31 long abstract authors to provide full papers from the 120 papers (abstracts) submitted to the workshop according to the voting result of the initiators. 28 full papers were received by May 20th. As of May 20, a total of 28 articles have been received, and the 5 workshop sponsors have read all the articles and voted for each of them, with a total of 15 articles receiving more than 3 votes.

Since this workshop is offline only, individual authors of recommended articles may not be able to attend. After discussion at the initiator's meeting, it was decided to invite all 15 authors to present their papers first (the actual number of presenters should be less than 15).

At the same time, we welcome the authors of the other 13 shortlisted articles, who have entered the second round, to come to Shanghai to participate in the discussion.

I. Conference Format, Time and Venue:

In order to facilitate more effective academic exchanges among young scholars, this conference will be held offline, and no longer provide online participation.

The meeting is scheduled to be held on Saturday, June 10 (all day) and Sunday, June 11 (morning) in the conference room on the second floor of the North Quadrangle of the Xuhui Campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University (No. 1954 Huashan Road, Shanghai, China), and will last for one and a half days.

Out-of-town participants can arrange to check in on the 9th (late afternoon) and leave on the 11th (late afternoon).

Second, the list of invited report authors:

Independent authors or the first author's last name in alphabetical order.

Conference Services:

The organizers of the conference will provide travel and accommodation for young scholars and students (below Associate Professor) from abroad who are invited to report their papers to and from Shanghai and other places by domestic high-speed rail (preferred) or economy class (alternative) airplanes.

Of course, we welcome young scholars from out of town to cover their own expenses.

This workshop is mainly to provide a platform for young scholars to have academic exchanges, therefore authors of papers whose first author is a full professor (or equivalent title) are not invited to present their papers. Associate professors (or scholars with equivalent titles) invited to present their papers will be responsible for their own travel expenses.

Due to limited funds, the workshop will not provide travel expenses between Shanghai and overseas cities. Finalist authors are also kindly requested to bear their own expenses.

The organizers of this workshop will contact all the participants as soon as possible to confirm the registration and accommodation.

The agenda of this workshop will be announced soon. For any other unfinished matters, please pay attention to the follow-up notification of this workshop.

Workshop Sponsor

May 28, 2023

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