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Three People Talks on Digital Rule of Law | Ji Weidong, Ma Changshan, and Long Weiqiu: Aligning the Values of Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and Personal Information Protection
2023-07-28 from:CISLS preview:

Recently, the "Thirty People Forum on Digital Rule of Law (Summer 2023)" was held in the China Shanghai Cooperation Base of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law. The forum focused on "legal issues of artificial intelligence". Ji Weidong, Professor of Kaiyuan Law School of KoGuan Law School, Ma Changshan, Professor of Digital Rule of Law Institute of East China University of Political Science and Law, and Long Weiqiu, Professor of Law School of Beihang University delivered keynote speeches at the forum. 

Guest Introduction

 Ji Weidong

Senior professor and doctoral advisor of liberal arts at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, president of the China Institute of Socio-Legal Studies, director of the Center for Artificial Intelligence Governance and Law, chairman of the Computational Law Branch of the China Computer Federation (CCF) and vice president of the Law Education Research Association of the China Law Society.