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Minxi Xie visited Shanghai Jiao Tong University's China Institute of Law and Society
2023-07-02 from:上海交通大学中国法与社会研究院 preview:

On June 29, Minxi Xie, founder of Concordia AI(安远AI)and Policy Fellow at the Oxford University Center for Artificial Intelligence Governance, visited the China Institute of Law and Society (CILS) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University(SJTU). Ji Weidong, Senior Professor of Liberal Arts at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Director of the China Institute of Law and Society, and Wu Chentao, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, had an in-depth discussion and exchange with the visitors on issues of security and alignment for large models and general AI. Xu Yue, Office Director and Zhao Zerui, Research Assistant of the Institute of Chinese Law and Society, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, participated in the meeting.

President Ji Weidong welcomed Mr. Xie Minxi and introduced the background and research contents of the "Center for Governance and Law of Artificial Intelligence" and "Center for Computational Jurisprudence and AI Ethics", which were established by CELS. He said that the China Institute of Law and Society is currently focusing on research in three directions: AI governance and law, justice and big data, and cognitive science and AI, and can cooperate with  Concordia AI(安远AI)from these directions.

Executive Director Xie Minxi gave a detailed introduction of Anyuan AI. Anyuan AI is a consulting organization focusing on AI security and governance, with the mission of leading the human-computer relationship to a safe, trustworthy and reliable future. Its main business is to conduct risk research for large model and general AI security and alignment issues, build technical communities, conduct governance research, provide strategic consulting, and promote international exchange. In the 2023 Beijing Smart Source Conference, Anyuan AI co-organized and supported the "AI Security and Alignment" session, inviting OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, Turing Award winner Geoffrey Hinton and other AI experts and leaders from home and abroad to conduct cutting-edge exchanges on human-machine alignment and large model The panel will include a cutting-edge exchange on human-machine alignment and large model security.

Prof. Chentao Wu discussed the ethics, human-machine alignment, and large model security in the field of AI with the other side.

Finally, President Ji Weidong analyzed the possibility of cooperation in various ways, such as jointly undertaking research projects, based on the contents of the discussion and exchange between the two sides. The two sides will work together to carry out cooperative research in frontier areas such as artificial intelligence security, large model governance and law.

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