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Sten Erik Hakan Hydén
Sociology of Law
Senior Professor
Sociology of Law at Lund University

Education and degrees 

Master in Law, (jur kand) 1969 and Bachelor of Arts (fil kand) 1976

Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology of Law, Department of Sociology of Law, June 1978, Lund University (Filosofie Doktor i rättssociologi, Rättssociologiska institutionen, Lunds universitet) Ph D thesis: Rättens samhälleliga funktioner (The Societal Functions of Law).

Docent in Civil law at the Law faculty, Lund University, Sweden, May 1984

Post-Doc position and research visits abroad 

Scientific visitor (Post-Doc) during spring semester 1988 and as a teacher spring semester 1994 in Gainesville, UoF, USA

Awards and External evaluations  

Zorn stipend, Swedish-America Foundation, 1987, 75 000 SEK, in competition with researchers from all fields in Sweden. 

Current and recent research projects 

- Normcreation within Companies, project within the research programme AGREE financed by the Environmental Protection Agency, 2002-2006, inalles 1.900.000 SEK

- The Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority, PhD-project, appr. 1.500.000 SEK

- Business and Human Rights – an analysis of the interface between voluntary initiative and public policy, a post-doc project sponsored by The Swedish Research Council , in total 3.300.050 SEK during 2005-2007;

- Saving Bank Foundation, Skåne, PhD-project, 830.000 SEK, 2005,

- Malmö Housing Company, PhD-project, 507.000 SEK, 2004;

- Wivi Alexanderssons Foundation for Human Rights Research, donation, 1.400.000 SEK

- FORMAS, 2 050 000 SEK, 2007-2009, for a project on Ecostrategic Forestry

- The Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority, 2 400 000 kr for a three year PhD-project, November 2007-10

-  Vetenskapsrådet,  3 347 000 kr för projekt om Business and Human Rights                    

- Vetenskapsrådet, 1 650 000 kr for a project on Education for Sustainable development.

- KK-stiftelsen, 4 771 000 kr 2009-2012 for a project on ”Unga nätkulturer” (young Net Cultures) together with Docent Måns Svensson and Dr. Stefan Larsson


List of publications, Håkan Hydén 

PhD thesis (1978)

Håkan Hydén, Rättens samhälleliga funktioner (The Societal Functions of Law) Lund: Studentlitteratur,

1978, 408 pages

Publications in refereed journals 

1. ”Till kritiken av den offentliga rätten” (On the Critique of Public Law), Retfaerd nr 30 1984. 20 pp.

2. ”Sociology of Law in Scandinavia”, Journal of Law and Society, 1986 nr 1, 14 pp.

3. ”Reflexive Law - Post-Regulatory Model or a Step to a New Substantive Law?”, Jahrbuch für Rechtspolitologie 1987 nr 1, Grenzen des Rechts, 13 pp.

4. ”Förmögenhetsrätten ur ett rättssociologiskt perspektiv” (The Law of Property from a Sociology of Law Perspective), Svensk Juristtidning 1988, 20 pp.

5. ”Towards a Post-Interventional Environmental Law”, Jahrbuch für Rechtspolitologie 1991 nr 2, 15 pp.

6. ”Enterprise Rights and the Swedish Experience” in Organization, The IInterdisciplinary journal of Organization, Theory and Society, Vol. 2 1995.

7. "Vad kommer efter lönearbetsrätten?" (What will follow the Labor Law of the Wage Earning Model?), in the Journal Arbetsmarknad & Arbetsliv (Labor Market and Working Life), 1996 No.4. 20 pp.

8. "Even a Stepchild Eventually Grows Up: On the Identity of Sociology of Law" in Retfærd Nr. 85, 1999