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Edelman, Lauren B.
Sociology of Law; Jurisprudence
University of California, Berkeley


B.A., University of Wisconsin (1977)

M.A., Stanford University (1980)

J.D., UC Berkeley (Boalt Hall) (1986)

Ph.D., Stanford University (1986)

Before joining the Boalt faculty in 1996, Lauren Edelman was an assistant, then associate professor in the sociology department and law school at the University of Wisconsin. She was also a visiting professor at the UC Berkeley Institute of Industrial Relations and the Jurisprudence and Social Policy (JSP) program at Boalt Hall. Edelman was appointed to the Agnes Roddy Robb Chair in 2006.

Edelman's research addresses the interplay between organizations and their legal environments, focusing on employers' responses to and constructions of civil rights laws, workers' mobilization of their legal rights and the internal legal cultures of work organizations. She is the winner of a 2000 Guggenheim Fellowship for her work on the formation of civil rights laws in the workplace.

Her publications include "The Endogeneity of Legal Regulation: Grievance Procedures as Rational Myth" in the American Journal of Sociology (with Uggen and Erlanger, 1999), "Constructed Legalities: Socio-Legal Fields and the Endogeneity of Law" in How Institutions Change: Institutional Dynamics and Processes (Powell and Jones, eds., forthcoming), "Symbols and Substance in Organizational Response to Civil Rights Law" in Research in Social Stratification and Mobility (with Petterson, 1993), and "Legal Readings: Employee Interpretation and Enactment of Civil Rights Law" in Academy of Management Review (with Fuller and Matusik, January 2000).

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