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Yang, Li
Law and Society; Chinese Jurisprudence; Legal Education
Research Fellow
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Yang Li is the professor and the vice dean in the Koguan Law School at Shanghai Jiao Tong University of China. He specializes in law and society, Chinese jurisprudence, and legal education. In addition to more than five dozen articles appearing in such journals as China Legal Science, Science of Law, Legal Science Monthly, Tribune of Political Science and Law, Jurists Review, Political Science and Law, Journal of the East China University of Politics & Law, Xinhua Digest, Legal Forum, Study on Case and Interpretation, Jin Ling Law Review, People's Judicature, Sichuan University Law Review, and Studies in Law and Business, he is also the author of five books including Multilateralism in Judicial System, 2010, Law Press; Legal Thinking and Legal Classics, 2011, Beijing University Press and Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press; Modification Research on the Judicial View of Local China, 2011, Law Press; Study on Modernization of Legal System, 2009, Law Press, coauthored with Wanghong Liu & Naisheng Chen; Judicial Inference and Judge's Thinking, 2010, Law Press, coauthored with Chengliang Zheng, Xiaoyao Li and Kai Bin.

He received his B.L. from Soochow University. He received his L.L.M  and PH.D from Nanjing Normal University. He has been in the post-doctorate program of China University of Political Science and Law and a visiting scholar of the University of North Carolina and Duke University.

Apart from the professorship, he also serves in many research institutions both nationwide and in Shanghai.

For more information, please see Mr. Yang's full CV in English (link) or Chinese (link).