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Wang, Yaxin
Sociology of Law; Civil procedure Law; Empirical Studies in Law
Research Fellow
Tsinghua University


Bachelor   Peking University, China  1984

Master   Kyoto University, Japan  1988

Ph.D.   Kyoto University, Japan  1994

Professor Wang Yaxin teaches Comparative civil procedure law, Japanese civil procedure law, Chinese civil Procedure law, and the Theory and Practice of Dispute Resolution in Tsinghua Law School since 1998.He currently serves as the Standing Committee Member of Chinese civil procedure Party. Prior to his appointment in Tsinghua, he was the Associate professor at the Kyushu university from1993 to 1998, and Assistant professor at the Law School of Kagawa University from 1991 to 1993 in Japan.

Professor Wang Yaxin takes his academic interests in the interaction analysis on law and society in Micro perspective by field works and empirical investigations, and specializes in legal sociology analysis on the practical operation of Chinese judicial system and legal dogmatic analysis on the norms of Chinese civil procedure law. Moreover he dealt with many translation works of the Japanese academic works and managed to put forward the ideal construction of Japanese civil procedure as confrontation and judgment.

He has conduct plenty of extensive research on grass-roots lawyer and legal service providers as Empirical cases and profiles for comprehending the developments of Chinese judicial reform. He also does comprehensive surveys on the administration of inferior courts and addresses some theoretic dilemmas confronted with by judges and clients in routine practices. He primarily uses qualitative fieldwork (ethnography) in his empirical research, augmented by surveys, social network analysis, and experimental and story-based methods. In his recent academic articles he focuses on making positive proposals on the revision of Chinese civil procedure Code and promoting a new research Paradigm of Chinese case guidance system.

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