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Lu, Hong
Sociology of Law; Law and Development; Legal Profession
Research Fellow
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Lu Hong is a criminologist specializing in law and society, courts and sentencing, and judicial reforms in contemporary Chinese society. She has a law degree (LL.B) from Fudan University (1989), an M.A. in criminal justice at Indiana University, Bloomington (1993), and a Ph.D. in Justice Studies at Arizona State University (1998).  Lu Hong is a Professor of Criminal Justice at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She served as a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at East Asian Institute of National University of Singapore. She is also a Research Fellow at Shanghai Jiao Tong University KoGuan Law School. Her research interests are Sociology of Law; Law and Development; Legal Profession; Judicial Reform; Empirical Studies in Law.

Lu Hong's current research interests focus on legal representation, the death penalty, and judicial reforms in China.  Based on data from the Chinese judicial judgment documents, and using uni-variate, bi-variate, and multi-variate analysis techniques, Lu Hong has examined the nature and the effectiveness of legal representation in minor criminal cases. She is currently working on examining the function and effectiveness of criminal defense in major violent capital cases. In addition, using the case study approach, she is also exploring how a death sentence of a high profile case may be affected by legal structural and cultural factors. She is currently collecting more data and expects to empirically examine how and under what conditions, legal representation has an impact on various types ofcapital cases (.e.g., violent, property, corruption). 

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