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Chen, Ruoying
Law and Economics
Research Fellow
Peking University

Chen, Ruoying is a legal scholar specializing in law and economics and legal institutions with respect to economic development and the evolution of market. She holds an undergraduate law degree from Peking University (1999), M. Juris. degree from Oxford University (2000), and J.S.D. degree from The University of Chicago Law School (2010). Chen is currently a Research Fellow at Shanghai Jiao Tong University KoGuan Law School and Assistant Professor at Peking University Law School.

Chen currently focuses her research on theoretical and empirical study of China's government regulation of market activities. In particular, she writes on market solutions to current issues embedded in China's rural land property system and the relevant legal development. She also conducts research on the interaction between government regulation and contractual arrangement made in investment. Chen is also working on market solutions to environmental and energy problems in China. 

For more information, please see Ms. Chen's full CV in English (link) or Chinese (link).