Professor Marc Galanter of Wisconsin University at Madison Speaks at KoGuan Law School

[Edited by]:Wang Xun [Published]:2011/11/7 0:00:00

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At the invitation of the Institute of Procedural Law and Judicial System and the Law and Society Center of KoGuan Law School, Professor Marc Galanter, professor at Wisconsin University at Madison and London School of Economics, and world-renowned law and society scholar, paid a visit to KoGuan Law School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University from October 31 to November 2, 2011.  This visit was sponsored by the Master Program of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the KoGuan Scholar Forum Foundation. 

Professor gave a speech titled "Increase of the Legal Professionals around the World" at Room 401 of the Law School on the afternoon of November 1st.  Professor Ji Weidong coordinated the speech, and Professors Wang Fuhua, Peng Chengxin, Shen Wei, Sun Weiping, Bin Kai, Zhao Xiuju, and many students attended this event. 

Using his usual methodology, Professor Galanter firstly interpreted the data changes for the legal professional community of the US and the world for scores of years.  Then he raised a theory of the structural change of lawyers as a community, particularly stressing the radical increase of numbers of young lawyers and female lawyers.  He asserted that the pattern of apprenticeship as status in legal profession had been forsaken or reformed since 1970s, and the expansion of the legal profession gave rise to the exponential increase of young lawyers and female lawyers, especially in such countries as Mexico, Argentina, France, Greece, Hungary and Portugal.  He also described the pattern of female lawyers in different departments – they clustered in governmental or corporate in-house legal departments, but much fewer in private enterprises and partnerships.

Professor Galanter also analyzed the phenomenon of the non-litigation and corporate legal business by using empirical statistics, pointing out that the expansion of corporations promoted the enlargement stratification of law firms.  Finally he extrapolated the paradox existing between the prosperity of legal profession and the judicial justices, i.e., more lawyers do not mean easier access to justice or less dispute. 

After the speech, many attendants raised questions, and Professor Galanter gave patient, detailed answers.  Professor Ji expressed a cordial thank to Professor Galanter and expressed the hope of further communication between China and the United States.