[Published]:2016/2/15 19:18:38

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It is my pleasure to announce that it is open, from 11th February to 29th February, 2016, the call for RCSL GRANT FEES FOR YOUNG SCHOLARS (VIENNA ISA MID FORUM - 10 - 14, July, 2016). 

The procedural is very simple. You need to apply following the rules below and sending your reasoning to  <mailto:germano.schwartz@globo.com,> germano.schwartz@globo.com, RCSL Secretary. RCSL Board will decide the winners. This year we have two fee grants to give to young scholars.

RCSL will provide financial support for young scholars to attend a RCSL annual meeting based on the following rules:

(1)Scholars can apply for help up to 5 years after receiving their PhD

(2)The amount of support for which a young scholar may apply equals the amount of the registration fee.

(3)Priority is given to firstly applicants from C countries, then B countries and A countries in this order.

(4)The total amount of financial support to young scholars depends upon the budget each year.