Prof. Ji Weidong Attended Dubai Summit as a Member of GAC on Justice

[Published]:2014/11/12 0:00:00

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Ji Weidong, Dean of Law School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University recently took office as a member of Global Agenda Council(GAC) on Justice under the invitation of Klaus Schwab, founder of Davos World Economic Forum, and attended the annual summit of Global Agenda Councils in Dubai during Nov. 9 to 11, 2014, along with more than 1000 council members and people from all walks.

    The annual summit was focused on the Trend of World’s Structural Transformation and Global Challenges, under which circumstance, the main topic of GAC on Justice’s discussion included three targets: the first is access of justice emphasizing on how to broaden approaches of the poor’s assertion of rights, the second is delivery of justice emphasizing on system design in the era of information technology, and setting up the fund of global justice as the third in order to realize the first two goals.



   In addition, Ji Weidong also exchanged views with members from related councils (Council on Global Governance, on Vulnerability, Violence and Dispute, on Information Disclosure and Anti-corruption, on Regional Organizations Prospect, on Data-driven Development, on the Future of Social Media and Government, etc). During the annual summit, Ji attended the dialogue between the former President of EU commission, Jose Barroso, former US Vice President Al Gore and former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and other international well-known politicians during the two plenary meeting titled "Outlook of Global Trends 2015" and "Important Insights and Future Agenda".

  Ji will participate in two preparatory workgroups of "Current Challenges of the Rule of Law" and "Judicial Reform and Innovation of Public Management Pattern" in the coming days.