Professor Gunther Teubner visited LSC and KoGuan Law School of SJTU

[News From]:LSC [Edited by]:Deng, Yuncheng [Published]:2012/9/26 12:07:47

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The world-renowned legal sociologist, Professor Gunther Teubner of Frankfurt University, Germany, paid a successful visit to the Law and Society Center and the KoGuan Law School from September 16 to September 22. 


On September 20, Professor Teubner gave a presentation titled The Anonymous Matrix: Human Rights Violations by "Private" Transnational Actors, as the 20th lecture of the Lecture Series of KoGuan Law Forum. Dean and Professor Ji Weidong coordinated the lecture; he also granted the title of Guest Professor of KoGuan Law School to Professor Teubner in representation of the KoGuan Law School.


On the same day the editorial panel of SJTU Law Review held a welcoming ceremony to Professor Teubner and gave the first issue of SJTU Law Review to him as a gift. Thereafter Associate Professor Gu Zhuxuan and Assistant Professor Gao Wei, as the representatives of the editorial panel, conducted a detailed discussion with Professor Teubner regarding such issues as the relationship between civil society and civil law, the structural matching of different systems in the process of law's transplantation, etc.


On September 21, Professor Teubner gave a second lecture to professors and students of KoGuan Law School in the Qian Xusen Library & Museum. Titled Multiple Modernities: How Systems Theory Perceives the Challenges for China's Private Law, the lecture focused on the possibility of the application of the system theory in China's social transition and the status of legal profession from a system theory perspective and arose great interests and passionate discussions among the presented scholars.