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Socio-Legal Workshop sponsored by the Research Associates & Students of LSC, the Socio-Legal Workshop offers an exciting opportunity for the Scholars from all over the world to engage in current issues in law and society. For more information, please click here.


Siyuan Workshop on Legal Theory is an interdisciplinary seminar that sponsored by the Research Associates & Students of LSC. The purpose of the Siyuan Workshop on Legal Theory is to give students and young scholars at the Law School of SJTU an opportunity to receive constructive, critical analyses of their written work. It is a platform for the academic communication among PhD and master degree candidates of the KoGuan Law School who are interested in the exploration of legal questions. On a bi-weekly basis, students meet together, a speaker discusses about his/her working paper on some topic, and participants contribute their critiques and comments. The topics of the articles are wide ranged, without being cabined by traditional realms of disciplines of legal study. This institution is aimed at encouraging theoretical research on law & society and legal theory, cultivating an appropriate and pleasurable academical atmosphere, and creating committed young legal researchers by cross examination and mutual inspiration among the participants.

All interested Law faculty members, faculty members from outside the Law School, law students and graduate students are welcome. Those who have an interest in participating—either as authors or as readers—are encouraged to contact Mr. Xu Cheng (, who serve as the Workshop's coordinators.