Legal Profession

Legal profession is a core research area of the sociology of law.Its main research topics include historical change of the profession, social structure of the bar, everyday work of ordinary law practitioners, lawyers' political mobilization and collective action, state regulation of the bar, women in the legal profession, etc. Research on the legal profession builds on various theoretical traditions, such as the sociology of professions, political sociology, legal anthropology, gender and racial studies, and globalization. Scholars apply both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to study the legal profession empirically. Survey methods, in-depth interviews, participant observation, and archival research are the most commonly used research methods.




Research Group

Hou, Meng (link)

Ji, Weidong (link)

Krishnan, Jayanth K. (link)

Li, Xueyao (link)

Liu, Sida (link)

Lu, Hong (link)

Sun, Xiaoxia (link)

Wu, Hongqi (link)

Yang, Li (link)