Risk Society and Law


In modern society, the world is becoming complicated, mobile and web-based, which results in the continued increase of risks. Today, human beings are facing natural disasters, technology disasters and governing risk, etc.  Because of the changes in the scopes of behavior, the lifestyle and the structure of social systems on the part of human beings, these disasters are sometimes converted into unpredictable but attributable issues, go beyond the level of unprincipled obedience and silent acceptance of bad luck more than ever before, and become increasingly risky in the light of the law of torts. In other words, modern society keeps converting inherent dangers into risks of human beings, and conducts systemic treatment of such risks. However, risk management intended for control over these disasters may in its turn bring about unexpected risks, especially when the unreasonable measures are applied.

For China, a country with rapid development of the industrial economy, the coexistence with risks is becoming a destiny. Everything we do is risky. When facing this situation, the LSC scholarships apply the sociological methods in the study of risk society and law, including using sociological theories (especially risk theory), concepts and tools for empirical studies, to examine the risks in modern society and make some advices for governing through the law.




Research Group

Ji, Weidong (link)

Zheng, Zhihua (link)